Stand in a League of your own 

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The Fem League is for womxn by womxn. It’s a groundswell of smarts, compassion, and community. 

Part manifesto, part memoir, it was founded in 2015 by culturpeneur and journalist Yomi Abiola. And has elevated thousands of self-identifying womxn - ages 18 to 78 - across 22 countries and counting.

A space to share, redefine and reframe, we support your empowered choices, and amplify your voice - and your vision. 

Want a life founded in purpose - and pleasure? We’ll help you reach it. Ready to regain the fire and ambition for your work? We’ll help you achieve it. Looking to feel more than ‘enough’? We believe you! It’s time to get comfortable saying ‘no’. 

And comfortable saying ‘yes’!

From lawyers and gynecologists to herbalists and makeup artists, these are just some of our changemakers. A League of Experts who will arm you with the practical tools for life’s journey: from mortgage interviews and medical appointments to long overdue promotions! 

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A collective of strength and wisdom, The Fem League is responsible for reshaping internal cultures in multi-conglomerate corporations to collaborating with global superstars on their creative endeavours. 

For the womxn in Silicon Valley to the female portrait artists. For the womxn of every faith, sexuality and predilection, The Fem League is gentle leadership and warmth in the collective. Because life’s transitions are better together - and society’s boxes aren’t big enough to hold a woman’s ambitions and dreams. 

With great gravitas, guts and gusto - it’s you who defines your own happiness. The Fem League by your side every step of the way.

So, what’s stopping you? Join our meeting place of like-minds today - because the best mentorships are mutual.

The Fem League

“The Fem League has provided a safe and nurturing space in which I can both share my own thoughts and learn from others.”

Community member

The Fem League

“The Fem League has given me a different mindset on how to approach my life. I feel that my world has grown.”

Community member

The Fem League

“It is easy to share in a space as supportive, loving, and warm as The Fem League community. Love getting to know everyone and listen in on the stirrings of everyone’s heart, mind, soul.. all of it!”

Community member

Do you know about our amazing events?

The tonic after a hard day. The inspiration that gets you through it. Our calendar of online events help you smooth out harried lifestyles; instil healthier spending habits; and teach you to delegate. Not to mention, ace that Warrior II pose and perfect that winged eyeliner. 

Always insightful. Always honest. Always entertaining.

The Fem League

“Having a platform where I felt I could just be myself, I could be seen, I could be heard and supported... it's been just priceless!”

Community member

The Fem League

“I have a group who supports me where I can share my experience in a sacred space.”

Community member

The Fem League

“I'm glad to see the community is growing globally. I can connect with inspiring women from different walks of life.”

Community member

The Fem League members are: 


We believe in getting to the core of a matter; in embracing our truths; getting to the essence of who we really are - in defiant self-belief. Better still, we believe in reclaiming those parts of ourselves often siphoned off by society’s labels, and ‘other’ boxes.


We believe in living out more than one dream, one title, one bit of success. For anyone going through a life transition, we’re right by your side, helping you take small steps to larger goals.

About our Founder, Yomi

Yomi Abiola's mission is clear: as a media entrepreneur and journalist, her commitment is to advance women as the key to advancing society. Yomi is the founder of The Fem League, a multimedia platform and incubator that provides a powerful perspective on women as leaders. Yomi is a former creative director and model.

As an international voice for Cultural CuriosityTM and inclusive leadership, Yomi has advised and presented at numerous organizations and companies, including Harvard, Yale, Milken Institute, MIT, the United Nations, The Wilson Center and TED.

Yomi Abiola is a graduate of Columbia School of Journalism, Sciences Politiques Paris and Harvard. She currently serves as an associate to the UNESCO Chair for human rights as well as an MIT Legatum Catalyst. She is an editor at Vogue Italia and Italian Vanity Fair.

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If you would like to have a conversation about becoming a member of The Fem League, book a call with Yomi here. We know it's important to surround yourself with the right people, at the right time.

Organisations that have put their trust in The Fem League's leadership: